Erotic, honest writings from a woman not afraid to admit she's a slut… but she's also her Master's slave

Rabbit Hole Adventure

B and I did go to the Pan-Sexual BDSM club and had another adventuresome night.

We arrived a bit on the early side and took a bit of time to wander around and check the place out. B was intimidating, his wide shoulders barely covered by his tight dark T-shirt. I felt hot and sexy in my leather vest tied tight enough to make my breasts swell in the middle and my low-rise black jeans revealing my belly ring, B’s tag dangling from it. My black leather boots jingled with each step.

The dungeon was in the basement and dark, as dungeons should be, cement walls painted dark with small semi-private rooms. Semi-private because there was no door or curtain to draw closed, but a chain could be stretched across the open doorway to keep watchers from becoming participants. Heavy Metal thumped around the dungeon. One small room was occupied by a single man jerking off. Another man shuffled frantically about the dungeon dressed in briefs and black sneakers with white socks, his movements almost robotic — obviously waiting for someone to join him, but whether it was any someone or a specific someone was unclear. The main dungeon “playroom” had several racks and St Andrew’s crosses, one padded, oooh. A man warmed up with a couple of heavy multi-strand floggers, brandishing them like num-chuks. We never saw him with a recipient.

The main floor was mostly dedicated to a dance platform shaped like a cock – long walkway with a circle at the end around a stripper pole and 2 stripper poles on the back stage flanking the walkway. The dance floor was lit from below, illuminating a one woman dancing on it to club music. Black and burgundy couches and cushy chairs surrounded the dance floor, and a few of couches were also in the middle of the room. One of these was quickly occupied by another single man, jerking off. A few couples sat on the couches around the dance floor, watching the dancer.

We made our way up to the top floor which had 2 areas – one a viewing area overlooking the dance floor, lined with couches and chairs, mostly occupied by, yes, single men. The viewing area stopped at dead end wall made of plexiglass which looked into another section of the top floor – The Couples Area. Back down the stairs we went in search of the pathway to The Couples Area.

By this time, I was realizing that B and I were again not the ordinary club goer. With him a pace behind me, protecting me, I felt a surge of confidence flow through me and I turned to him and whispered, “I feel like I own this place.” He grinned at me and kissed me hard. I swaggered to the stairs that led up to The Couples Area. The front room held several black vinyl couches, but was empty for the moment. Men glanced over at us from the other side of the clear wall as we walked in. A middle room was a bit more private, out of view of the clear wall and a third room in the back was smaller and darker. A couple were making out in a chair on the back wall, her long nude limbs draped over his lap.

B settled into a chair and pulled me in front of him, unzipping his pants. I slid to my knees and engulfed his cock in my mouth, sucking loudly and enthusiastically. B groaned his approval and I saw movement from the corner of my eye – another couple standing in the doorway, watching. I closed my eyes to focus, blocking out the voyeurs. B’s cock grew hard in my mouth and I sucked hard and fast, feeling his body jerk under my hands and I moaned as a spurt of pre-cum coated my tongue. A murmur behind me let me know there were still watchers. I slid my legs behind me a bit until I was on all 4’s, my ass up high, my back arched as I swallowed B’s cock into my throat. He abruptly grabbed my hair and yanked me off of him, gasping. I grinned at him with my own arousal smoldering. He rose and tucked his cock into his pants, then pulled me out the door, grasping my hand firmly.

We went through the different areas again, looking for any newcomers or interesting activity, but found none. Man with floggers still rotating them to no one, robot subbie male still frantically walking around, single men jerking off still… jerking off. Back up to the Couples Area, this time to the front room, to a couch opposite the clear wall.

Club music blared from a speaker next to the couch.  There were more men on the other side of the plexiglass and for a short time I couldn’t block them out and focus. B kissed me deeply then ordered me to stand up. I did so, facing him, my back to the clear wall. “Take off your pants,” he demanded. I did so without hesitation, bending over deep to slide my boots off and the black pant-legs down, my ass and pussy clearly visible to the watching men. I knelt between B’s legs and renewed his hard-on with my mouth, knowing I now had a crowd watching. B pulled my long hair aside so my mouth on his cock was more visible and I forced my eyes firmly closed and focused on his pleasure.

He pulled me off of him again and I slid up his body to nestle his hard-on between my breasts, his mouth reaching mine for a lingering deep kiss. He unlaced my vest with hard jerking tugs, my breasts spilling out into view then put my jeans onto the vinyl couch and told me to sit there. No sooner was I seated than he pushed me back and opened my legs, his mouth firmly covering my cunt and I let my head fall back and closed my eyes to enjoy. B stroked my clit with his tongue and lips, fucking my cunt with his tongue, sucking my quickly engorged clit into his mouth to flick his tongue hard on the pulsing tip. He rubbed the flat of his tongue over me and my body thrummed with tension. “May I cum?” I whispered and he quickly tapped my leg twice in consent.

I let the orgasm flow over me, gasping under him, my fingers grasping the slippery cushion, digging into it as my cunt spasmed. My jaw ground as I fought from crying out loudly. I heard movement in front of me and opened my eyes to slits to see another couple occupying the couch against the clear wall, her face in his crotch. I looked down at B and refocused on what he was doing. His fingers snaked up my body and under my leather vest to tease my nipple and I moaned in pleasure. Shots of electricity zapped from my nipple to my clit and writhed under his mouth, my hips rocking against his tongue as I climbed close to the edge. He sucked hard on my clit, tapping my leg twice, and I came hard, flooding his mouth with moisture. Club music blared in my ears and a woman’s moan rose behind me. I glanced back to see the couple behind me had switched places and she was looking at B and I to see if we were watching.

He grinned at me and leaned up to kiss me, my cum coating his lips and goatee. He held out his hands and pulled me to my feet, then spun us around so he could again sit. This time he tugged his pants down to his thighs and I knelt down to pull off his boots and then his pants. Sucking his cock into my mouth, I tugged and licked and sucked in delight, my eyes closed to focus on him, blot out the music and the knowledge of our audience.

A hand softly caressed my ass and I jumped in surprise, spinning around to see who had touched me. “It’s her”, B said and I looked up at him curiously. That we had not exchanged any words or even much eye contact with them was foremost in my mind. I was not there to play with anyone else and I hadn’t done anything to welcome the touch. I pulled his cock into my mouth again, aware of his distracted state as well and renewed lavishing attention on him, licking his balls, reaching up to toy with his nipples, working to get his attention re-focused as well. Again I felt unwanted caresses on my ass and I ignored it, moved my ass further away, my intention clear.

Soon after, the couple left the room and it became easier to keep B’s attention on my mouth on him and he grew stiff and hot in my mouth. Pulling me up by my hair, he kissed me hard, then ordered “Reverse Cowgirl.” I nearly groaned in dismay as this would put me facing the crowd of single men watching, but I did it, backing up onto his cock and impaling myself on him, my stuffed-full pussy in full view. I braced my hands on his knees and fucked him, slow at first, my eyes nearly squeezed shut. With each stroke, the head of his cock pressed against my g-spot and it wasn’t long at all until I was close to cumming. My mouth was half open as I gasped in ecstasy, my cunt thrumming with the music. B reached a hand around and pressed onto my clit, tapping my leg again and I let myself cum, body shaking, shoulders hunching over in pleasure.

I leaned back against him, sagging, and he kissed my ear and then thrust up under me, shoving his cock in further. Again I rode him to orgasm, my eyes squeezed shut against the voyeurs. When I came down a bit, I couldn’t bear it any longer and I rose to face him, my back and ass to the crowd. B thrust deep into my cunt and kissed me hard. My fingers bit into his hard shoulders and I rode him again, my thighs burning with the movement. Faster I bounced, long deep strokes and I leaned back in pleasure. His hands were hot on my breasts and I leaned into them. His fingers pulled on my nipples and I fell further into his body, my forehead brushing his shoulder and I begged in his ear “Please may I cum? Please?”

“Cum for me, my Cunt,” he growled and I did, juice running down his cock and balls as I groaned and tore at his shoulders with my hands. He chuckled at my response and I nuzzled his neck, keeping my vision blocked, realizing there were more watchers in the room with us than before. He murmured to me of how hot it was to have this together, just us two, and I agreed, kissing his jaw. “I have what they dream of,” he said and I laughed quietly and replied that I also had what the female watchers wanted… and some of the male watchers as well. My laughter pushed his cock out of my slick pussy and I wiggled my ass against him, grinning at his soaked cock. I raised my hair off my sweating shoulders and B and I began re-lacing my vest.

“This is all we do,” he laughed to a couple standing nearby. I ignored the couple, focusing on trying to see the holes in the dim light. It was very hot in the room, now and I realized B was sweating on the vinyl beneath me. Uncomfortable for him, undoubtedly, so when we finished lacing me up, I rose from his lap.

A couple sat at the end of the couch nearest us and I ignored them, asking if he wanted some wet paper towels. “YES!” he replied with appreciation. I fetched them for him from the nearby restroom and when I returned I saw the couple seated at the end of the couch were Asian, he perhaps far older than she although it was difficult to tell as she was bundled in a long wool coat and semi-hiding her face in his slender shoulder.

I gathered B’s jeans and handed them to him to put on, then began tugging on my own jeans, wiggling with the effort to get the tight fabric over my sticky, sweaty legs and ass. The Asian man spoke to me: “How do you stay so slim?” he laughed nervously. Warning bells rang in my head so I casually replied that I worked out and didn’t eat a lot of bread and carbs, but continued to pull clothes on, searching for my socks.

Again he tried to engage me. “You came… 3 times?” I glanced up at him with a wry look on my face and dismissed the question. “Oh, I don’t bother to count.”

Still he was not put off. As I tugged on my socks and boots, he tried one last time. “Have you ever had a woman?” Mental eye-roll at this point, but still polite I replied with a final flippant “Oh, yes, I love women,” then I tugged my jacket on and turned to B who held out a hand to me. Smiling broadly at the man I adore, I took his hand and we left.

Later at the hotel, B’s cum now deep in my cunt, laying spent on the hotel room bed, Manhattans being slowly sipped, we speculated that perhaps the man thought I was a call girl/hooker. We grinned at each other at the thought. Flattering to be thought a pro. We also marveled at the rudeness of the woman who touched without invitation. We’d thought that perhaps in a club partly devoted to BDSM, my collar would be recognized and respect shown for a Master and slave. Apparently The Couples Area is mostly Swingers, who do not follow such protocol.

Another Rabbit Hole ventured down and again we emerged tighter than before, more appreciative of what we have together and more in love than ever. Hell yeah. I’m one lucky woman. May it ever be like this.

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  1. I just loved every sgline word you wrote about this shemale ! More you should write !

    February 8, 2012 at 10:37 pm

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