Erotic, honest writings from a woman not afraid to admit she's a slut… but she's also her Master's slave

Another Rabbit Hole

Tonight B and I are in San Francisco. Tonight B and I are going to a Pan-Sexual BDSM club. We will probably fuck there. I will undoubtedly cum many times and collapse when we return to our hotel room. B usually doesn’t not cum in the club, but holds it back to pump me full in private.

We debated going at all. Our private sex is so hot and raw and powerful that we feel no need to add to it anymore. But we both agreed that, if we did not go, we’d have a sense of “should have” and undeniable curiosity that would nag. So we sit in our room, waiting for the hour to grow late enough to go.

I have my leather vest laced up the front, barely holding my breasts in and my black jeans painted onto my legs. My favorite black leather boots jingle when I walk, making my hips swagger for him. (I wish I hadn’t eaten that piece of bread at dinner – my abs will ache from holding myself in.) My eyes are made up dark and seductive, lips deep red, ready to leave a claiming print on his cock.

B has a charcoal grey T-shirt stretched over his broad shoulders, jeans and black boots a bit menacing as he waits. The muscles in his arms writhe under his skin, having been pumped up at the gym this afternoon – he knows I adore his shoulders.

The purple dildo, soft white ropes and fur-lined black leather cuffs await our departure, along with our trusty bottle of Pink Water lube. We may not use them… but then again, the club has a dungeon and I do love being fucked on a St. Andrew’s Cross. Or tied to a pommel horse. Helpless under his delicious assault. His toy to tease, stroke, deny and fuck until I’m limp.

There are also stripper poles at this club – which isn’t unusual. We’ll see if he wants a personal lap dance from his slave.

The other patrons of the club will be a departure from the usual straight clubs in our home city. As my Master, B has expressed an appreciation for all submissive sexual slaves. Not that we intend or plan to bring a third into our playtime. We never plan these things. Our own play is intense enough that we feel little need for a third these days. But we are always open. A sub-male to suck his cock while I lick B’s balls? Hell yeah.

B’s calling me to fluff his cock… and here we have at least an hour before the club gets rocking. I wonder if we’ll make it out of our hotel room after all….

2 responses

  1. You know thats a awesome title for the website :) i just surfed in and said wow !! Kudos to You :)

    October 1, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    • jrpm

      Thanks, Alexis. I do love the title. Embrace your inner slut, she’s a fun chick.

      October 4, 2011 at 2:43 am

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