Erotic, honest writings from a woman not afraid to admit she's a slut… but she's also her Master's slave


Meet and Greet… And Grope

B and I are booked up with “dates” and parties for several weeks. Sexy costume ordered for a Halloween party, haven’t dressed up in so long!

Delicious first date with a very sexy MILF – drinks and flirting, hot glances, lips licked in anticipation, a touch on a bare thigh… We all drank a bit too much and so B and I were honorable and drove her home without (too much) molestation. A tight hug and and deep kiss goodnight for each of us, and now we have a “play date” planned – she is planning to stay the night with us at our home. Yummmm. 3 people in 1 bed, with sheets still damp from wild sex. She tells us she would like to have her pussy filled. B’s hard thick cock and my giant chocolate dildo, perhaps?

Other possible playmates include a very warm sexy couple who love to flirt and “fuck our photos” – we will meet them next weekend as well, after playing all night with our lovely MILF.

A couple who are both bi-sexual. Oooh interesting erotic potential there! Another single woman who is not quite sure she’s ready to play alone with a couple… So will probably just meet her In a very public safe place. A couple new in town, looking to meet other sexy people. So many hot people all around us, so tantalizing!

Our conversations around what we are comfortable with have been deep and not without some angst. Preferring to stay together at nearly all times presents challenges – not being a completely full-swap, separate-room couple, certainly no Hall Passes, I don’t want to play with a woman without B, I’d rather play with him and a “bi-comfortable” woman, neither of us wants me to play with a man without B, except if we’ve played before… The head begins to spin playing “what if”… It’s brought us tighter to communicate all of this to one another. Honesty, even if it’s not easy. And relaxing to go with the flow when the opportunity presents itself.

It is fun to flirt and tease with sexy people (and maybe get lucky)!

Swinging Sluts

B and I have celebrated 4 years of sexy marriage and are beginning to seek more playmates for depraved fun. We’ve reached out to past playmates and have made new sexy friends. We were quickly reminded of how difficult it is to find another couple where both of us are attracted to the other half, and to further complicate things, this bisexual slut would like the possibility of some playtime with “her”.

We are also experiencing meeting people who make for “stories” afterwards.

The woman who wanted to know right off the bat if I would wear white silk blend bikinis during foreplay if I got intimate with her husband. Um, I don’t own any white underthings, despise bikinis and prefer my expensive french thongs, thanks, but no thanks.

Another couple who we enjoy bantering with online but when we met in person found that there was no heat at all – “he” was intimidated by B’s height (6’3″) and size (220# of lovely bulging muscle) and promptly said so, then sat across from B, basically ignoring me and blocking “her” from bantering with B. And she gave B her complete attention, including a dropped-open jaw. Disappointing.

We attended a sexy house party and B was nearly overwhelmed with attention. I smiled and let him enjoy as he has had difficulty relaxing and allowing himself to be open to advances and to flirt with other women. At one point, with 2 women draped over him, another man muttered “What, is it his birthday?” One of the women told B that he was the hottest man there, bar none… including her own husband. Unfortunately, I had to agree with her as her husband did not light me up in spite of his efforts.

When B and I arrived back at our hotel room after the party, we had hot furious sex, making use of the mirror next to the bed as he took me hard from behind and yanked my head up by my hair to watch. Awakening with my handsome husband and Master next to me this morning, sleepily melting under his shoulder, I slid my leg between his and felt his cock stir against my thigh.

I’m a lucky woman. Now just to find the right playmates to share him with!

Fantasies and Updates

Tending to this blog today, part of which was to update the blogroll. I’ve culled about 1/2 of them as no longer active. I wonder how many culled me in the past year. As I do so, and go to the sex blogger websites, I’m increasingly turned on by some of them. So I added a few as well. Yum.

Our first “date” with our new playmate went well. Very hot and honest discussions of what turns him on, what he would get out of being our pleasure slave. In many ways he is like me, loves to please and finds being told what to do exciting. Knowing that what I am doing is exactly what my Master wants… that’s hot. He also has a bit of a pain slut desire, so we have new ground to explore in more than one way. Pain does not turn me on except for very slight tweaks and pinches. Much more than that jars me out of pleasure. Our new pleasure slut will be a delight to explore. He seemed to almost melt into the table during a discussion of cock and ball torture, of cages and clamps. The realization that we could all get what we most desire was quite heady and steamy.

B sits next to me, working on his computer, and shopping for sex toys. A cock cage for our new play toy. A new vibrator for me as we burned out the lovely Hitachi on a trip recently. He also made reservations at a local hotel for our next nasty date with our new play toy. I’ll call him M, our toy. B’s new submissive man toy. I smile as I see B grin at the thought of telling me to put the cage on our lovely M. Of meeting M in the afternoon and not allowing M to cum until many hours of pleasure have passed. Perhaps strapping the cage onto M and going to dinner, still not having cum. Then back to the hotel where we further use him until he is almost begging for release.

The possibilities are breathtaking.

Play Toys… With Cocks

A playmate. A second submissive. To lick B’s cock with me. To be fucked while I suck on B’s balls. To be fucked and suck on my clit. To suck on B’s balls as B fucks me. To suck B’s cock while I use a strap-on. Body tied down for plunder, delicious, overwhelming, orgasm ripping surrender. Under my body as I am on all 4′s for B’s cock to slide into his mouth then into my cunt , then back into his mouth, fucking us both until B explodes into my cunt and his mouth sucks B’s cum from me…

Yes, I did say “his”.

I’ve long had a desire to be double-penetrated by 2 men. B has long had a desire to be sucked by a submissive man, and to fuck that man, while I enjoy that man as well. I adore giving B a double blow-job. What a wicked twist to do so with another man. We have done so with another woman, so why not blast away that last barrier and be truly bisexual, both of us. The true “rolling three-some”, this time with 2 men and me. All three of us fully engaged at all times, each of us in the middle in turns.

One of our deterrents are the very men themselves. So many men say they are bi and submissive only to try to demand, to “top from the bottom”. Not going to work for us. B is a Dom, period. He’s not a pontificating “Master of Slaves”, not a full sadist, no whips and flogging. No, he is skilled in delicious tweaks of subtle lightning that make one gasp in delirious surprise and bring forth squirting of lubricating nasty juices. Definitely in control, demanding what he wants, knowing that meeting his demands makes me wet, that I never know what he may want, but I must ready to meet those demands at any moment. Flipping me onto my back and pinning me down with his body to take what he wants, exactly as he wants it. To use me, fuck me without thinking about what I might want, knowing that I’m cumming repeatedly as he fucks my cunt, hard, making me sloppy wet, until he gets what he seeks and fills my pussy with cum.

Not a man for a wanna-be to start with.

Just as I fantasized about finding such a delicious playmate for us, wished that such a man would materialize, so did several possible men appear. The first fell into delightful slave mode quickly, readily agreeing to requirements for playing with us and referring to B as “Master”. He loves furs and softness, both of which we are preparing to immerse him with. We are looking forward to helping this man pass out from delicious exhaustion later this month.

The second we meet later this week, such naughty fantasies, already experienced as a submissive to a Mistress…

Shivers of delight.

A quick addendum… If you think to pray for me, know that my prayers have already been answered. Mmmmmm, yesssssss.

Birthday Blowjob… The Right Way

Earlier this month was B’s birthday. We often chuckle that many men get a blowjob on their birthday… Only. So we must improve upon this, mustn’t we?

Beginnings… I shower, and shave…everywhere. Pussy completely bare and smooth, legs like silk. I sit on the edge of our bed where he is already re lignin against the pillows. B admires as I spread lotion over my skin, ensuring it is super soft for his pleasure. He grins as I include my freshly shaved cunt in the lotion anointing.

Turning my attention to his body, no preliminaries are required, as this is purely for his pleasure today. I crawl onto the bed and between his legs and suck his half-hard cock into my mouth. Slowly, so slowly, I suck, pulling him deep into my mouth, enjoying the quick growth on my tongue. Leaning down further, I lick hard below his balls, then run my tongue up between them and up onto his cock. I do this several times as he groans in approval. Down to the deep base smelling his scent, I press my lips and tongue against his shaft then slowly go up, feeling the skin of balls on my mouth, warm and soft, then onto his now hard cock, licking hard until I reach the tip. I kiss the top, smiling at him watching my progress then open my lips to engulf the rigid flesh, sliding him deep into my mouth, so deep I can’t breath. He groans in response. Yes, it’s good.

His fist in my hair holds me there and his hips thrust up, forcing his cock into my throat, and I struggle to stay still, not gag. I cough slightly and he relents, let’s me pull back enough to gasp for air, then shoves me back down again, his hips rocking up into my mouth. I gag again and he yanks me up by my hair, shoving my face down onto his balls. My hand wraps around his slick cock and I grip him firmly, sliding my hand up to cup the tip before pulling down to the base as my tongue flicks over his balls.

Sliding down further, I flick my tongue low, close to his ass. He spreads his legs further, slightly raising one to allow me access to this tabu. I moisten a close-trimmed finger and press it slightly on the opening, not entering, just rubbing the tip of my finger over it, teasing, increasing his sensation. He puts some lube on his cock and I glide my hand over his cock in time with my finger on his ass and my tongue on his balls.

“Oh, yeah, wow,” he groans, as I do my best to please him.

His fist in my hair pulls me up again and I slide my tongue up the shaft, then stoke his hard cock, slow at first, my mouth at the top sucking on the head. My free hand cups his balls and he groans again. His hips set a faster pace for my hand and mouth and soon his body is twitching with the impending orgasm. I look up at him over his cock and his fingers are flicking his nipples in time with my hand and I deepen my strokes, base to tip until he gasps and I engulf his cock with my mouth to capture his hot cum as he explodes onto my tongue. I keep sucking, feeling the spurts against my throat until the shudders stop, then lie still for a moment, cock still in my mouth, warm and loving.

Eventually I pull away carefully, knowing his cock is now super-sensitive, but I don’t want to lose any cum. Swallowing the sweet juice, I smile at his languid face and kiss him briefly before curling into his side.

Pass the Premarin (plus possible Sour Grapes)?

B and I spent a lovely 9 days in the Caribbean over Thanksgiving, came back tanned, relaxed, well fucked. Do so love vacation sex.

This year it was made even more delightful by the discovery of the wonders of modern pharmaceuticals. B has been doing some hormone replacement therapy over the past couple of years, as I’ve mentioned before. In the past 6 months, I have entered full-blown menopause and to my vast dismay, the accompanying dryness and fragility of my pussy. Not. Acceptable. I want to be available to fuck hard at any time he may feel the desire. But I was very hesitant to try any hormone replacement of my own due to the correlation between them and cancer. No, no and no. A bit of research lead me to wonder if there may be some new hope, however, so I talked to my Dr. She recommended a cream, Premarin. 

Gods bless the scientists who made this stuff. This stuff ROCKS.

After 2 weeks of every day, I’ve decreased usage to every other day. Just a tiny amount – the tip of my finger lubing that stuff on the outside and using the tube applicator to get it deep where B’s cock reaches, and my pussy is back to its youthful vigor, able to take any pounding B cares to bestow on me.

Premarin, FTW!

Upon our return I found an odd letter in our mountain of mail. Anonymous. No return address. Addressed to me alone. A woman who says she recognized B on AshleyMadison, telling me he “recently” told her we have an open marriage and that he’s quite the player. Um, huh? After the initial ice-water shock, I did what any good wife would do – I handed it to B and asked him to read it. No judgement, no accusations, just handed it to him. He was more than a bit baffled. “We do that stuff together.” I do my best to keep him as sexually satisfied as I can – he wants for nothing, and he tells me so often. If we fuck around, we do it together. As best we can figure, this woman must have been turned down by B before he and I met. She probably doesn’t realize we’ve only been married 3 years, not 20. “Recent” is relative.

We’ve not talked about it much after that letter because I don’t want to give the impression that I’m worried. Because I’m not. But it’s not exactly something I can discuss with my friends. We both did a lot of slutting around before we met, and we still slut around… together. The beach in the Caribbean was had a nude area, which we adore. We spent most of the time at our villa nude. Next weekend we’re going to the local swingers club to celebrate his birthday. Double-blow-job, dear? We are planning a trip to Sea Mountain in Palm Springs this Spring. Looking at Mykonos in Greece for some nude fun. Last year we visited Cap D’Agde – Babylon where there was always at least 1 couple fucking at any moment around the pool. Sexually boring we are not.

The letter was an interesting experience, showing me how strong and honest we are together. And how lucky. With that thick cock filling me up, my legs up braced by his arms, pussy wide open to his use, my cum dripping down his shaft… yeah, it’s good.


Grand Saline on St. Barth’s is one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Nature at her finest. What better than to lie naked under the warm sun, dip into the ocean when it gets too hot, then come back to recline yet again. Beside me, B snapped a picture.

Enjoying Grand Saline, St. Barth's

Do you/does she wear clothes to get him/you hot when you go out?

I’d love to get some feedback from my readers. Totally anonymous. Show me some love.

Island Fuck(s)

B and I have just returned from a 9-day vacation in St. Barth’s. Heavenly week, more time spent nude than clothed.

Grande Saline beach, the nude edge, was our location almost every day. My skin is a glorious coffee-with-cream color.

Nude snorkeling is a pleasure previously unknown to us. The feel of the warm water sliding over my nipples, my naval tag dangling below me as I stroked my legs through the waves was exquisite. B’s cock visible below him, inviting my hands to caress. I felt as graceful and erotic as a mermaid.

We both exercised and dieted for months before as though it was going to be a body-building show, wanting to look fantastic at the beach. Many women and the group of 4 gay men next to us each day let B know that his efforts were well worth it. Sidelong glances at my gleaming body from both nude and clothed men as I lay next to B gave me an inner smile. I enjoyed the short walk from our towels to the shore to cool off, strutting into the water knowing eyes watched but that I was also protected by B’s intimidating presence. His wide shoulders and muscled chest were quite impressive and I found myself thinking how lucky I was to be the one to spread sunscreen over those hard pectorals.

During a tropical downpour at the beach, B held me in the water to warm me, both of us nude, my legs wrapped around his waist to keep me up at his 6’3″ level, and we chuckled at the downright stares from the gay men: jealousy towards me, desire towards B. I laughed that their comments may have consisted of frustrated “I just don’t get it, what he sees in her.” I later remarked to B that my pussy was tighter than their asses to which he replied “your cunt sucks me in, not push me out” — after he’d fucked my ass.

We dined out only a couple of times, preferring our own company, eating nude outside on the deck to the tune of frogs and other night critters.

Sucking B’s cock in the dark in a shower was another pleasure we explored, slave to use in the dark. I also learned that B adores having his balls cupped and squeezed as I suck him into my throat.

We brought ropes to use on the great 4-poster bed. I hope the young housekeeper wasn’t too shocked when she discovered them the next morning, forgotten by us. The delights of mosquito netting to cocoon our lovemaking was another new experience.

Whether or when we return is to be seen. Our attention is turning to the South of France for our next adventure. Nude beaches in St. Tropez. Oooh la la.

Delayed Gratification

Last week was another odd one in our life. Arriving home Saturday, we were very exhausted from our late night at the club in San Francisco. We went to sleep rather early by our standards, sans sex and slept for about 12 hours. Sunday night, still quite tired and again went to sleep sans sex. Monday my kids were back with us and fried my nerves, and B arrived home very late. Again, bed sans sex. Tuesday, we drank way too much. For a near-record-breaking 4th night in a row, bed sans sex. Wednesday I was hit with a stomach bug and was in no shape to fuck. B took it in stride, never a peep although we did joke about a blowjob likely being … ew.

By Thursday noon, my stomach was starting to feel semi-normal. By Thursday night, I was ragingly horny and B and I were dying to get into bed. And fuck our brains out. Gently because my stomach was sore and still a little off.

He began with kisses, deep, tongue-tangling kisses that soon had my pussy dripping. He nibbled at my neck and I just about tore strips of skin off with my fingers digging into his shoulders. He chuckled at my reaction. “My love, I’ve not even touched you, yet.” I released my fingers, realizing I was hurting him and gasped out that I was very aroused.

He grinned then slid down until his mouth hovered over my clit. I panted in anticipation and he opened his mouth ever so slowly, watching me squirm with desire. His hot breath seared my wet pussy until I was nearly whimpering. He raised his eyebrows at me, enjoying my struggle, then licked with just the tip of his tongue, teasing, taunting me with potential. “Oh, gods, please!” I begged and finally he relented, smashing his mouth onto me, engulfing my clit and labia. His tongue pressed against my clit and then he sucked and I stifled a scream of pleasure, every nerve humming, every muscle clenching with need. I forced my hands into the bedsheets to keep from clawing him as he ground his mouth over me and my back arched under him. Unable to speak, I gently scraped my fingers over a hard arm, twice quickly, much like his double-tap that gives me freedom to cum. He tapped against my thigh in reply and I muffled my groan of pleasure as my cunt pulsed against his mouth, flooding his face with cum my entire body shuddering with each wave of orgasm.

I came out of my daze to discover my hands on him, one in his hair and one on a shoulder. Very un-sub-like. He firmly grasped my forearms and held my hands and hips down as he went down on me again and I could only strain against him as he brought me to orgasm again and again until I was limp and gasping.

He rose with a smug grin and walked to the side of the bed near my head, then positioned me under his cock and thrust into my open mouth. I tried to move my head to stroke but it wasn’t possible against the mattress so he had to move, fuck my mouth, use it as his willing toy. Soon he grew too stiff to maintain the angle down into my mouth and lay down on the bed, demanding I suck him some more, which I did with relish. I brushed the backs of my fingers against his balls as I sucked then reached with my free hand to stroke a nipple and he groaned, “Oh, slave, that is good!”

Very soon after this, however, he demanded I ride him and I climbed onto him and he shoved inside of me swiftly and deep, my pussy sopping wet. He thrust up into me fast and hard and the sucking sound from my cunt grew audible. He pulled my head down to suck on a nipple and I shuddered and begged to cum. “Yes but don’t stop.” I struggled to keep the motion as I shuddered over him, nearly sagging as the spasms of pleasure washed over me. He flipped us onto my back and reared up onto his knees, again fast and hard. My fingers teased his nipples and they grew tighter under my fingers, his cock swelling inside of me until I couldn’t bear it and I came, trying to be silent so as not to distract him from his own edging towards orgasm. I needn’t have worried as he stifled a groan then pumped my cunt full of cum.

Definitely a good glad-you’re-well-again fuck.

Fucked on the Cross

I’ve been enthralled by the St. Andrew’s Cross when I first saw it in a dirty delicious porn flick. The thought of being helpless, at the mercy of my Master, his to do whatever he pleased, use for his pleasure tied to the huge X. Quite a heady fantasy for a slutty slave like me. A fantasy that B decided to fill one evening this Spring. He led me through the dimly lit warehouse, around the racks, hanging chains, long flat tables whose vinyl padding was studded with hooks for handcuffs or ropes. A cage in a dim corner waited for an occupant. A wide padded sawhorse brought me visions of being tied down to it, my ass bare for my Master’s cock to plunder… and four different St. Andrews Crosses. My, my, my, I was almost bursting with excitement. A group of 3 couples were teasing each other, the women stripped of their tops, the men admiring their toys.

B selected a Cross against the back wall with a spotlight on it, splitting the dim light. We would be watched. B drew ropes through loops on the arms of the cross and my breath quickened. As he prepared, he told me to strip. Aware of eyes on me, judging both my obedience and appearance, I did as he bid quickly, my flesh tingling with both excitement and nervousness. “Come here,” he instructed and again I hastened to do as he demanded. The wood of the cross was cold against my body but I raised my arms and spread my legs to match its wide X. B first tied my arms, not too high, but securely. The cool soft ropes snaked around my wrists sending shivers down my arms. Next my ankles were tied, legs spread. Open. Vulnerable. Defenseless.

His eyes met mine and I had no other thoughts but him, now in control of me. A deep kiss. My body tingled, goosebumps rising, and nipples hardening against him. He drew back and grinned, then dug into our toy bag and drew out a vibrator, a min-Hitachi, large red bulb on the end of a wand. My eyes widened in anticipation and dread. The red bulb would be relentless, making me climax hard, unable to control myself. If he told me not to come, to hold it back, I wasn’t sure I could unless he pulled the wand away. He would be in complete control. He was in complete control.

He sat on a bench in front of me for a bit, a slight smile on his lips as my breathing grew heavy. Thoughts flashed through my mind, wondering how long he would wait. Did I look good up on the cross? I tried to pull myself up, my already-slender waist even more-so. Then I thought I shouldn’t fidget, should show my devotion by my acceptance of his control. My clit betrayed me, begging for his touch and my breathing became ragged. Throughout my struggle, he watched, smiling. The eyes of others were upon me as well, and I knew I was on display. Dear gods, how long would he make me wait?

A man began fucking his woman on a table in the middle of the room, his cowboy hat on a post waving back and forth as he thrust.

A woman squealed as several playmates smacked and scratched at her breasts.

B watched me.

How much longer??

A woman in the far corner cried out as a paddle smacked her bare breasts, another Dominatrix in training.

Groans from the woman on the table being fucked as she came. I quivered, needing B’s touch. Trying to look like a desirable slave, one worthy of fucking. The mind fuck of him sitting and watching me was both exquisite and excruciating.

When B finally rose again, I sucked in my breath with anticipation, my nipples thrusting out. He leaned into me, his chest grazing my nipples, as he rubbed his hard cock onto my belly through his black jeans. “Just had to admire you up here for a bit,” he said in a low voice, for my ears only. I rubbed my belly onto his cock, thrusting my hips out to move a bit harder, seeking contact on my aching clit. He stepped back and raised the vibrator.

The low hum began and he ran it over my lips, making me lick. Cold, slick, soft synthetic bulb that I knew would soon be on my clit. He teased it across my nipples raising them to hard peaks, over my neck as goosebumps rose, then down to my inner thighs, the vibration not quite enough to reach my pussy. I squirmed a little and my breath came in short gasps. When he finally pressed it to my clit, I gasped and then groaned as he smashed it to me.  My body thrust out to meet it, seeking more friction, needing motion against me. He quickly withdrew it and I bit my lip in dismap, then he teased my nipples, vibrating just the tips as I whimpered for more. Down to my torso, my taut belly undulating under the pulsating bulb before he finally again pressed it to my now-dripping, pulsing clit. I strained against the ties to get closer and he pressed it against me a bit more and my clit swelled with pleasure, quickly approaching the precipice of orgasm as my head fell back while I moaned… then he drew it away again, to my stifled groan of dismay.

Teasing me, over and over until I knew my whimpers were drawing attention (even over the squeal and shrieks of  a woman with her breasts being slapped and scratched). My clit was swollen fully and wet, begging the vibrator to stay there just a moment more, dear gods please, just press it a moment longer… my eyes begged B as I struggled not to beg verbally. B kissed me hard, pressing me against the wood of the cross then pulled back with his mouth against my ear.

“Give me your orgasm, slave,” he growled as he smashed my clit with the vibrator.

The release of my orgasm shook the cross as I ground my teeth together, groaning as the shuddering of my cervix and pussy overcame any possibility of thought. I pressed harder against the vibrator and another wave pulsed through my body. Ahhhh fuck, yesssssss. My body shuddered with release, my face flushing hot and my head dropped onto his shoulder.

B pulled away from me slightly and smiled down at my face and I know I was rather glazed, which made him smile more. He tossed the vibrator aside and unzipped his pants, sliding them down enough to allow his thick aroused cock to escape. He teased me with the hot head of it, sliding it into my folds, pressing the opening against my pulsing clit, chuckling as I thrust my hips further, straining against the bonds. He rubbed that hot cock over my clit, teasing the entrance, then pulled away. I bit my lip in an effort to keep from crying aloud. His arousal was now more than just hot, he was steel hard against my clit, demanding entrance that I was aching to give.

Watching him spread lube over his cock just about drove me to begging, his strong fist sliding over that exquisite flesh that I wanted so badly to be inside of me. He pinned me back against the cross and I raised up on my toes trying to match my hips to his.

He again briefly teased my folds with his rigid cock making me groan at the sensation of the silky hard head sliding over my aching cunt, then lifted my legs to wrap around his waist, pulling me away from the cross to hang by my wrists and thrust inside me hard and swift. I gasped from the sudden entry but quickly was overcome by the feel of his cock sliding within me. My back struck the cross as he thrust, again and again, driving into me hard as I moaned, my pussy pulsing with release, my eyes shut to focus on the feel of his cock in my channel, the head pulling almost free of me then plunging deep, spreading me with his wonderful tapering cock as he smashed my clit with his body. He pulled me away from the cross, supporting me on his arms so I wouldn’t hit the cross and pummeled my pussy hard and fast as I gasped, my pussy convulsing around him, the waves rolling over me again and again, and my head lolled back as I came over and over, cum dripping down his balls. I sagged back onto the cross and he slid from my folds, easing my feet onto the floor.

Tipping my chin back, he kissed me deeply, fist in my hair.

So Fucking Owned“, he growled into my face.

Rabbit Hole Adventure

B and I did go to the Pan-Sexual BDSM club and had another adventuresome night.

We arrived a bit on the early side and took a bit of time to wander around and check the place out. B was intimidating, his wide shoulders barely covered by his tight dark T-shirt. I felt hot and sexy in my leather vest tied tight enough to make my breasts swell in the middle and my low-rise black jeans revealing my belly ring, B’s tag dangling from it. My black leather boots jingled with each step.

The dungeon was in the basement and dark, as dungeons should be, cement walls painted dark with small semi-private rooms. Semi-private because there was no door or curtain to draw closed, but a chain could be stretched across the open doorway to keep watchers from becoming participants. Heavy Metal thumped around the dungeon. One small room was occupied by a single man jerking off. Another man shuffled frantically about the dungeon dressed in briefs and black sneakers with white socks, his movements almost robotic — obviously waiting for someone to join him, but whether it was any someone or a specific someone was unclear. The main dungeon “playroom” had several racks and St Andrew’s crosses, one padded, oooh. A man warmed up with a couple of heavy multi-strand floggers, brandishing them like num-chuks. We never saw him with a recipient.

The main floor was mostly dedicated to a dance platform shaped like a cock – long walkway with a circle at the end around a stripper pole and 2 stripper poles on the back stage flanking the walkway. The dance floor was lit from below, illuminating a one woman dancing on it to club music. Black and burgundy couches and cushy chairs surrounded the dance floor, and a few of couches were also in the middle of the room. One of these was quickly occupied by another single man, jerking off. A few couples sat on the couches around the dance floor, watching the dancer.

We made our way up to the top floor which had 2 areas – one a viewing area overlooking the dance floor, lined with couches and chairs, mostly occupied by, yes, single men. The viewing area stopped at dead end wall made of plexiglass which looked into another section of the top floor – The Couples Area. Back down the stairs we went in search of the pathway to The Couples Area.

By this time, I was realizing that B and I were again not the ordinary club goer. With him a pace behind me, protecting me, I felt a surge of confidence flow through me and I turned to him and whispered, “I feel like I own this place.” He grinned at me and kissed me hard. I swaggered to the stairs that led up to The Couples Area. The front room held several black vinyl couches, but was empty for the moment. Men glanced over at us from the other side of the clear wall as we walked in. A middle room was a bit more private, out of view of the clear wall and a third room in the back was smaller and darker. A couple were making out in a chair on the back wall, her long nude limbs draped over his lap.

B settled into a chair and pulled me in front of him, unzipping his pants. I slid to my knees and engulfed his cock in my mouth, sucking loudly and enthusiastically. B groaned his approval and I saw movement from the corner of my eye – another couple standing in the doorway, watching. I closed my eyes to focus, blocking out the voyeurs. B’s cock grew hard in my mouth and I sucked hard and fast, feeling his body jerk under my hands and I moaned as a spurt of pre-cum coated my tongue. A murmur behind me let me know there were still watchers. I slid my legs behind me a bit until I was on all 4′s, my ass up high, my back arched as I swallowed B’s cock into my throat. He abruptly grabbed my hair and yanked me off of him, gasping. I grinned at him with my own arousal smoldering. He rose and tucked his cock into his pants, then pulled me out the door, grasping my hand firmly.

We went through the different areas again, looking for any newcomers or interesting activity, but found none. Man with floggers still rotating them to no one, robot subbie male still frantically walking around, single men jerking off still… jerking off. Back up to the Couples Area, this time to the front room, to a couch opposite the clear wall.

Club music blared from a speaker next to the couch.  There were more men on the other side of the plexiglass and for a short time I couldn’t block them out and focus. B kissed me deeply then ordered me to stand up. I did so, facing him, my back to the clear wall. “Take off your pants,” he demanded. I did so without hesitation, bending over deep to slide my boots off and the black pant-legs down, my ass and pussy clearly visible to the watching men. I knelt between B’s legs and renewed his hard-on with my mouth, knowing I now had a crowd watching. B pulled my long hair aside so my mouth on his cock was more visible and I forced my eyes firmly closed and focused on his pleasure.

He pulled me off of him again and I slid up his body to nestle his hard-on between my breasts, his mouth reaching mine for a lingering deep kiss. He unlaced my vest with hard jerking tugs, my breasts spilling out into view then put my jeans onto the vinyl couch and told me to sit there. No sooner was I seated than he pushed me back and opened my legs, his mouth firmly covering my cunt and I let my head fall back and closed my eyes to enjoy. B stroked my clit with his tongue and lips, fucking my cunt with his tongue, sucking my quickly engorged clit into his mouth to flick his tongue hard on the pulsing tip. He rubbed the flat of his tongue over me and my body thrummed with tension. “May I cum?” I whispered and he quickly tapped my leg twice in consent.

I let the orgasm flow over me, gasping under him, my fingers grasping the slippery cushion, digging into it as my cunt spasmed. My jaw ground as I fought from crying out loudly. I heard movement in front of me and opened my eyes to slits to see another couple occupying the couch against the clear wall, her face in his crotch. I looked down at B and refocused on what he was doing. His fingers snaked up my body and under my leather vest to tease my nipple and I moaned in pleasure. Shots of electricity zapped from my nipple to my clit and writhed under his mouth, my hips rocking against his tongue as I climbed close to the edge. He sucked hard on my clit, tapping my leg twice, and I came hard, flooding his mouth with moisture. Club music blared in my ears and a woman’s moan rose behind me. I glanced back to see the couple behind me had switched places and she was looking at B and I to see if we were watching.

He grinned at me and leaned up to kiss me, my cum coating his lips and goatee. He held out his hands and pulled me to my feet, then spun us around so he could again sit. This time he tugged his pants down to his thighs and I knelt down to pull off his boots and then his pants. Sucking his cock into my mouth, I tugged and licked and sucked in delight, my eyes closed to focus on him, blot out the music and the knowledge of our audience.

A hand softly caressed my ass and I jumped in surprise, spinning around to see who had touched me. “It’s her”, B said and I looked up at him curiously. That we had not exchanged any words or even much eye contact with them was foremost in my mind. I was not there to play with anyone else and I hadn’t done anything to welcome the touch. I pulled his cock into my mouth again, aware of his distracted state as well and renewed lavishing attention on him, licking his balls, reaching up to toy with his nipples, working to get his attention re-focused as well. Again I felt unwanted caresses on my ass and I ignored it, moved my ass further away, my intention clear.

Soon after, the couple left the room and it became easier to keep B’s attention on my mouth on him and he grew stiff and hot in my mouth. Pulling me up by my hair, he kissed me hard, then ordered “Reverse Cowgirl.” I nearly groaned in dismay as this would put me facing the crowd of single men watching, but I did it, backing up onto his cock and impaling myself on him, my stuffed-full pussy in full view. I braced my hands on his knees and fucked him, slow at first, my eyes nearly squeezed shut. With each stroke, the head of his cock pressed against my g-spot and it wasn’t long at all until I was close to cumming. My mouth was half open as I gasped in ecstasy, my cunt thrumming with the music. B reached a hand around and pressed onto my clit, tapping my leg again and I let myself cum, body shaking, shoulders hunching over in pleasure.

I leaned back against him, sagging, and he kissed my ear and then thrust up under me, shoving his cock in further. Again I rode him to orgasm, my eyes squeezed shut against the voyeurs. When I came down a bit, I couldn’t bear it any longer and I rose to face him, my back and ass to the crowd. B thrust deep into my cunt and kissed me hard. My fingers bit into his hard shoulders and I rode him again, my thighs burning with the movement. Faster I bounced, long deep strokes and I leaned back in pleasure. His hands were hot on my breasts and I leaned into them. His fingers pulled on my nipples and I fell further into his body, my forehead brushing his shoulder and I begged in his ear “Please may I cum? Please?”

“Cum for me, my Cunt,” he growled and I did, juice running down his cock and balls as I groaned and tore at his shoulders with my hands. He chuckled at my response and I nuzzled his neck, keeping my vision blocked, realizing there were more watchers in the room with us than before. He murmured to me of how hot it was to have this together, just us two, and I agreed, kissing his jaw. “I have what they dream of,” he said and I laughed quietly and replied that I also had what the female watchers wanted… and some of the male watchers as well. My laughter pushed his cock out of my slick pussy and I wiggled my ass against him, grinning at his soaked cock. I raised my hair off my sweating shoulders and B and I began re-lacing my vest.

“This is all we do,” he laughed to a couple standing nearby. I ignored the couple, focusing on trying to see the holes in the dim light. It was very hot in the room, now and I realized B was sweating on the vinyl beneath me. Uncomfortable for him, undoubtedly, so when we finished lacing me up, I rose from his lap.

A couple sat at the end of the couch nearest us and I ignored them, asking if he wanted some wet paper towels. “YES!” he replied with appreciation. I fetched them for him from the nearby restroom and when I returned I saw the couple seated at the end of the couch were Asian, he perhaps far older than she although it was difficult to tell as she was bundled in a long wool coat and semi-hiding her face in his slender shoulder.

I gathered B’s jeans and handed them to him to put on, then began tugging on my own jeans, wiggling with the effort to get the tight fabric over my sticky, sweaty legs and ass. The Asian man spoke to me: “How do you stay so slim?” he laughed nervously. Warning bells rang in my head so I casually replied that I worked out and didn’t eat a lot of bread and carbs, but continued to pull clothes on, searching for my socks.

Again he tried to engage me. “You came… 3 times?” I glanced up at him with a wry look on my face and dismissed the question. “Oh, I don’t bother to count.”

Still he was not put off. As I tugged on my socks and boots, he tried one last time. “Have you ever had a woman?” Mental eye-roll at this point, but still polite I replied with a final flippant “Oh, yes, I love women,” then I tugged my jacket on and turned to B who held out a hand to me. Smiling broadly at the man I adore, I took his hand and we left.

Later at the hotel, B’s cum now deep in my cunt, laying spent on the hotel room bed, Manhattans being slowly sipped, we speculated that perhaps the man thought I was a call girl/hooker. We grinned at each other at the thought. Flattering to be thought a pro. We also marveled at the rudeness of the woman who touched without invitation. We’d thought that perhaps in a club partly devoted to BDSM, my collar would be recognized and respect shown for a Master and slave. Apparently The Couples Area is mostly Swingers, who do not follow such protocol.

Another Rabbit Hole ventured down and again we emerged tighter than before, more appreciative of what we have together and more in love than ever. Hell yeah. I’m one lucky woman. May it ever be like this.

Another Rabbit Hole

Tonight B and I are in San Francisco. Tonight B and I are going to a Pan-Sexual BDSM club. We will probably fuck there. I will undoubtedly cum many times and collapse when we return to our hotel room. B usually doesn’t not cum in the club, but holds it back to pump me full in private.

We debated going at all. Our private sex is so hot and raw and powerful that we feel no need to add to it anymore. But we both agreed that, if we did not go, we’d have a sense of “should have” and undeniable curiosity that would nag. So we sit in our room, waiting for the hour to grow late enough to go.

I have my leather vest laced up the front, barely holding my breasts in and my black jeans painted onto my legs. My favorite black leather boots jingle when I walk, making my hips swagger for him. (I wish I hadn’t eaten that piece of bread at dinner – my abs will ache from holding myself in.) My eyes are made up dark and seductive, lips deep red, ready to leave a claiming print on his cock.

B has a charcoal grey T-shirt stretched over his broad shoulders, jeans and black boots a bit menacing as he waits. The muscles in his arms writhe under his skin, having been pumped up at the gym this afternoon – he knows I adore his shoulders.

The purple dildo, soft white ropes and fur-lined black leather cuffs await our departure, along with our trusty bottle of Pink Water lube. We may not use them… but then again, the club has a dungeon and I do love being fucked on a St. Andrew’s Cross. Or tied to a pommel horse. Helpless under his delicious assault. His toy to tease, stroke, deny and fuck until I’m limp.

There are also stripper poles at this club – which isn’t unusual. We’ll see if he wants a personal lap dance from his slave.

The other patrons of the club will be a departure from the usual straight clubs in our home city. As my Master, B has expressed an appreciation for all submissive sexual slaves. Not that we intend or plan to bring a third into our playtime. We never plan these things. Our own play is intense enough that we feel little need for a third these days. But we are always open. A sub-male to suck his cock while I lick B’s balls? Hell yeah.

B’s calling me to fluff his cock… and here we have at least an hour before the club gets rocking. I wonder if we’ll make it out of our hotel room after all….

Fast and Hard

The smell of lemons fills the air of our bedroom as I smooth the lotion over my legs and feet. I lean back on the bed, tossing the lotion bottle to the pillows against the pine log headboard. A breeze from the open window drifts over me as I spread my legs to smooth the lotion over my pussy. B grins at me, stepping between my open thighs, cock hanging before me, not yet full. He watches as my fingers slide over my delicate skin and his cock twitches.

I pull myself up then lean down to take his soft cock into my mouth, sucking and licking as he rapidly grows hard. He groans in approval and his hips move, fingers dig into my wet hair to hold my head still where he wants it as he fucks my mouth. B yanks on my hair, pulling my head back just enough that just the head of his cock is wrapped by my lips, then pushes my head down so I engulf him, swallowing around the head as it fills my throat. Back and forth his hands push my head so he is masturbating with my mouth.

“Mm,” he moans, “use you, slave.” I grin around his cock – he knows I love this.

Abruptly, he yanks my hair hard, throwing me onto my back on the bed and in a smooth motion lifts my hips up, my knees up by my ears and  he smashes his mouth onto my aching clit. I gasp in surprise at the sudden fierce attack, trying not to squeal, then I revel in his lips pulling and sucking at my flesh, his tongue stroking my clit and my juice flows over his mouth. He smacks my ass twice, a wordless signal giving me permission to climax and I release myself from it holding back, the tingling throbbing begins and I writhe under him, fingers clenching into the bedding as I cum shuddering and gasping.

He raises his head when my body relaxes in the aftermath, grinning at me with his goatee glistening, my juice on his mouth. He pulls my head up to meet his and kisses me hard, letting me taste myself on him, then shoves me back down and strokes the head of his cock on my pussy, spreading my cum on his hard flesh. Kneeling between my raised thighs, he plunges into me and I arch in shock and delight at the sensation of suddenly being filled with his thick hot cock. He pumps into me with his hands on my ankles, holding my legs up into the air, my hips raised to meet him.

Cock pounding in and out of my aching cunt, I feel my juice begin to run down my ass and my eyes flutter as I climb again towards climax.

“You want to cum, don’t you, slave?” he growls at me.

Wordlessly I nod, then whisper “Yes, please!”

“No,” he replies. “Hold it.”

I gasp and pant, trying to relax my body to keep the orgasm at bay as he continues to pump hard into me, my pussy shuddering around him on the verge of cumming. My eyes roll back from the effort to keep from cumming and just as I feel I’m going to lose the battle, B leans down, his hands above my shoulders and thrusts hard into me and growls “NOW.”

Ah gods, I cum hard, his words a catalyst that takes my orgasm further than it would normally go, hard sucking pulsing around his cock as I dig my fingers into the sheets.

“Put your hands on ME,” he commands, and I hesitate a moment, not wanting to hurt him. “Do it!” he demands, and I comply, my fingers grasping his wide shoulders as the shudders of my orgasm make me arch under him, nails biting into his skin. “Yeah, bitch, give it to me.” I growl against his chest, the pulsing of my pussy overwhelming everything.

My shudders subsiding slightly, I open my eyes to look up into his face. He’s grinning at me, proudly and I can’t help but smile at him as he continues to pump into me.

“God you are beautiful,” he tells me. My smile deepens and I crane my neck up to kiss him. His mouth smashes into mine, his tongue thrusting deep into my mouth and I taste myself again as I grind my lips on his, our bodies straining together. Faster his hips move and he shifts his body so his chest is in my face. I open my mouth and suck his nipple in, flicking it hard with my tongue as my fingers play with the other nipple, brushing my fingertip against it, rolling it with my fingers, teasing them both until they tighten to hard nubs and his cock swells inside of me.

“Mmm, you feel my cock getting bigger, don’t you, slave? Yeah, tease those nipples, play with them and feel my cock fill you even more,” he murmurs as he shifts to brace his knees against my hips, driving harder into me. I flick and suck on his chest and he begins to shudder and gasp and I know he’s getting close to climax.

Suddenly pushing himself up onto his strong arms, he changes his stroke to long and fast, the full length of his cock pulling out before he smacks his hips into mine, faster, our skin slapping together. My fingers reach up to tease his chest more and he begins to glaze over, focusing only on his own impending orgasm. His neck tightens, face twisting in ecstasy, cock huge. I can’t help but cum as my clit is pounded by his groin, but he’s oblivious to anything but his own pleasure, using my body as I love him to, taking what he wants.

His thrusts become jerky and he groans to me, “Ah, yeah, here’s your cum, slave.” He shudders and shakes above me as he thrusts deep inside, several long strokes filling my pussy with his cum, both of us gasping and moaning with pleasure. He nearly crashes onto me, keeping his full weight from me with his arms, but pressing my chest against his body, my nipples tingling with the contact. His heart is pounding against my cheek as he gasps for air. My lips press against his chest and he kisses the top of my head.

He stays above me for only a minute or so, until he can easily roll from me and collapse onto the bed. His fingers entwine with mine and he rubs his face with the other.

“Wow,” he chuckles.

“Wow,” I agree.

Fucked to Death

B and I are so in love it’s like a fantasy at times. He’s my fantasy man, even more so now than ever. Stronger than any man I’ve ever been with and yet cares deeply for those he loves. I often wish we’d met much sooner, but we both realize that we may not have known what we had if we’d met in our 30′s, certainly not in our 20′s.

Our sex is still raw and hot, now tailored to each other and the pleasures we each enjoy. My tongue on his ass, stroking his cock with my hand. Sucking on his cock as my fingers tease his nipples. His fingers inside me as his tongue plays over my clit which makes me cum hard, squirting and sloppy. His tongue on my ass, such a luxurious sensation, dear gods it’s so hot, dirty and forbidden and something no man had done to me before. B had a Mrs Robinson when he was 19 and I thank her daily for teaching him well.

This is the sex of dreams, the love of romance novels – his sexy handsome face grinning down at me as he pounds his thick cock into my sloppy pussy and my eyes roll back as I beg to cum. Watching his body above me, more muscular than ever, abs rippling as he thrusts, shoulders and arms bulging, chest hard and tight… I want for nothing. And I do my best to make sure he is never left wanting anything as well. I never say no to him. Even if I’m tired and would go to sleep if left to my own devices, I always do my very best to pleasure him – and my very best is damned effective. I am, after all, his sexual slave and we never forget that in the bedroom. He’ll often yank me to him by the chain-link “collar” he gave me that never leaves my neck. I am His.

Late at night when we are both sweaty and drained, sipping Manhattans, we talk of our love, our life, that our love is the kind that lasts to the grave… and beyond, if we are lucky. Whatever the ever-after holds, we know that we’ll do it together. And if I go first and he takes a lover, I will be waiting for him in our kitchen when he’s done, sitting naked on the counter, idling stroking my pussy with my legs wide as he walks in. Smiling because I know he would need physical relief and contact, but I still hold his heart as he holds mine. Talking to him throughout his day, much like Dexter’s father whispering in his ear… although not so evil. He’s laughed and said he’d love to go down on my open legs as I perch on the kitchen counter… if he could.

When the time comes, we’ll wait for the other at The Cafe, sipping a glass of wine. And we can stroll together to the party, where certainly there will be a grand orgy. What would the after-life be but as much sex as we want, the best food to share, endless nude beaches, and of course the sleek bodies we had in our 20′s. (Oh and all our pets will be there, but that’s not very sexy, is it haha.) Eternity no longer scares me, not knowing that he’ll be there with me.

How I got so fucking lucky, I don’t know. Praises to Aphrodite for the sex and Dionysis for the party.


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